Sunday, February 6, 2011

DIY - Mini Bunting Birthday Greeting

This was the weekend for Birthdays!  So many birthday parties, I couldn't even attend them all!  In the spirit of birthday celebrations I thought I'd share a DIY mini bunting birthday greeting I made for a couple lovely ladies in my life...  The first made it to it's intended recipient, but the one that is pictured below sadly never left my kitchen table!  After all that, I arrived at the party empty handed.  How typical!

DIY: Mini Bunting Birthday Greeting

You will need:
Some scrap fabric (felt works really well)
Glue gun
Pinking Sheers (optional)
Paper for tracing

(You could use a sewing machine for this project, but this method is much easier.)

Step 1. Cut out a diamond that will fold into the size triangle you want for your bunting.

Step 2 - Fold your fabric and trace your triangles.

Step 3 - Cut out your triangles. (If you're using fabric that frays easily, you may want to use pinking sheers)

Step 4 - Repeat steps 2 and 3 on all of your different fabric pieces.

Step 5 - Once you have all your triangles cut out.  Space them out along a piece of string.  I used a piece of yarn, but anything with do.

Step 6 - Heat up the glue gun and fold the triangles over the string.

Step 7 - Squeeze a bit of glue along your triangle to keep it where you want it and repeat until all your triangles are secured.

Step 8 - Ta Da!  I also attached some kebab skewers to each end for holding.

Step 9 - Write your message with a sharpie marker.  I asked James to write it for me because my handwriting looks like that of a 10 year old.

And there you have it, a crafty way to give your well wishes!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Love Desiree

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