Friday, March 15, 2019

Not A New Thing

Alright…I’m doing it. I’m writing a blog post. I know that vlogs are the new thing but I am not a new thing folks. I’m fucking oooooold. I attribute this to my second born who has been rapidly aging me since he inhabited my womb. (which is now closed AF BTW).

So, these days aside from just staying alive and keeping my children alive, which is almost ALL I have time to do, I have gone back to work after 18 months of mat leave! Thank-you Canada! It’s pretty wild having all that time off. It was certainly not a vacation since caring for the above mentioned second child was harder than ANY job I’ve ever done and still is…it was still really nice to hop off the capitalism treadmill for a bit...A couple weeks back at the grind of “make money, money, make money money… “I find myself wishing I could just wake up at the crack of dawn and go milk a goat, you know?  While gazing at a dew-covered, sunny pasture?  Of course, I know better than most that the reality of this fantasy has its own set of drawbacks including actually raising any kind of livestock. Ew.

So back to real life… I am enjoying being back at work. Using my brain, wearing nice clothes, even the commute has been quite nice. What has actually prompted me to write the blog is that I have been so starved for human connection for so long that I fear I might be talking too much at work! I’m not sure these people realise that they are literally The. Only. Adults. I talk to without being interrupted by a kid needing something from me. A glass of milk, a diaper change, a hug, a nose cleaning, a meal, a spanking (lol joking). I swear to god the only uninterrupted conversations I have with my husband are had in whispers because they are finally sleeping! So, when I get to work I’m like…HELLO WORLD, TALK TO ME!!! So maybe if I blabber on to the expanse of the internet for a bit I’ll be able to hold back a little IRL.

So, thank-you for listening my internet friends. I’m always a little reluctant to put stuff like this out there because it’s so unimportant and there is soooooo many important things to talk about, that NEED to be talked about, that ARE being talked about by highly knowledgeable people that deserve to be listened to. I’m just one more middle class white lady having a good ole white wine on blogger GAH! Is there room for this? Should I just buy a journal?

Oh well, too late.
All my love,

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