Thursday, August 29, 2013

Inspire Me Thursday

Okay, okay, I'm here, I'm here!  It's been a while I know...but I've been busy gestating. The side of the couch I sit on is starting to show serious signs of wear. : )

I had all these wonderful intentions of spending my pregnancy sewing and knitting cute little baby things and doing prenatal yoga. Two newborn hats and one yoga class later I'm 25 weeks and what I've done the most of  to be totally honest with you is watch terrible television. Whatcha gonna do...the baby wants what it wants. : ) Right now it wants a goddam swimming pool!  This heat is torture! Thankfully I'm heading to the farm tomorrow for some fresh country air....

Feeling a little more inspired these days too... I've got a nice bump going on that makes my ass look small in comparison so that's pretty great!  Pregnancy fashion isn't bad either... I can actually a wear a lot of stuff that I couldn't before... When you're proud to show off your gut the options really open up. : )  I'm also not feeling sick much anymore AND I can feel our little one swimming around constantly... It's pretty cool. : ) 

So in honour of this happy day I've put together an Inspire Me Thursday post...

 The barn at my parents with the old fruit stand sign...

 I'm working on something like this right now...
James' first sweater... : )
 This was me a few weeks ago...
This was my baby carriage... Not exactly up to code, but great for a photo shoot!

My Dad (The Farmer) has recently started spinning wool! I'm knitting up a baby blanket for the stroller.  That'll keep her insulated for sure...and how cool that her Pops made the wool and her Mom knitted the blanket!
And my oldest friends seem to all being having babies too! The three ladies in this picture represent the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester... : )
And this is everything I won't be doing this weekend.... : )

Happy long weekend!!

Love Desiree

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Inspire Me Thursday

Happy Thursday you lovely people...What's inspiring me this week you ask?  Well there's FOOD, that's a big one...maternity fashion, and predictable I know.  

Have you ever had a rice ball?? There are lots of varieties I think but there's this little place up the street from work that make the BEST rice balls of life and at this moment it's ALL I want.
  I couldn't decide between sweet and salty for breakfast last weekend so I chose all of the above. : ) James is my hero.
p.s it's decaf.

This kid is the best!
My inspiration...
 Great read!


I'm wearing a cartwheel hat today.

(Robert Downey Jr sings with Sting... I love him... I'm still sad about his exit from Ally McBeal and I'm not embarrassed to admit it)

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