Thursday, June 19, 2014

Inspire Me Thursday

Dear readers...Thursday is here and what a beautiful one it is. Eloise and I are hitting the streets for sure! We will be lathering ourselves in sunscreen first though and I hope you will be too! I saw a group of girls tanning the other day fully soaked in baby oil and smoking butts. I was horrified...horrified that I used to be them. Ugh, teenagers, when will they learn!
Check out my moms's amazing! Almost a decade in the making..

Loving peasant tops this summer. Mat leave style is seriously laid back...
More craft ideas!
I have never worn running shoes anywhere but the gym but I'm starting to warm to the idea.
I cannot for the life of me make a perfect pair of cutoffs. The thighs are always too tight if the waist fits. I think the key may be to buy mens jeans? Back to Value Village I go.

Kids love being under the table...lets take advantage of that with this stylish idea!
and another awww
People always tell you how fast the time goes and they're right. I can't believe 6 months has passed...On her sixth month birthday I just couldn't put her down for her afternoon nap. I longed for the days when she'd sleep on my chest for hours at a time...
6 months. : )
 St. George The Martyr church is our secret lunchtime spot when I visit James at work.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to walk over for a visit. Living in the city can sometimes have its downfalls but its days like this one when I remember why we stay.
I've finally been struck with the inspiration to sew again and last night I busted out the cutest little pair of bloomers ever! I'm going to do a few more and share them on the blog next week. 

Hope you are all well!
Love Desiree
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Green Beauty: Pick of the Week

Hello lovelies...I've got another green beauty pick for you and this one you can whip up tonight in about 5 minutes. You may even have everything you need already in your kitchen cupboard!

The lo down: Dry Shampoo is my secret weapon. I was horrified when I discovered the ingredients I was letting soak into my scalp and even more horrified that going green would mean having to ditch my beloved Klorane. I'd have to either start washing my hair everyday or looking like a grease ball? Neither of those options works for me. A little internet searching brought up some DIY's and now I can't believe I used to pay almost 20 bucks for a bottle of Klorane Dry Shampoo when all I needed was in my kitchen cupboard the whole time! I apply with an old blusher on my roots and anywhere else that looks particularly greasy... It's a life saver especially now with a babe. It can be a tad messy if you aren't careful so I'd put it on before getting dressed.

How to make it: Fill up a jar with organic arrowroot flour (I use Bob's Red Mill) and add enough cocoa powder to turn it a nice shade of brown to match your hair. If you're blonde, you can skip this step. Add in a few drops of your fav essential oil if you want to get fancy, but if you're using cocoa powder it will smell like chocolatey goodness already. (note: you could use cornstarch instead of arrowroot, but cornstarch is genetically modified so it's up to you how green you wanna go)

Give it a try and let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading...
Love Desiree

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