Thursday, July 25, 2013

Inspire Me Thursday

Inspire Me Thursday is about to take a turn into baby land people…I just can't help it! It's kind of on my mind lately…i'm sure you understand… : )
Sooo making a pair of these!

 An excerpt from my favourite Little Golden Book..."Baby Dear"
 Dutch Baby Pancakes? Whaaat are these!? When you don't drink food becomes very exciting... I used to look forward to wine on the it's yummy treats James whips up for me! (these could be nice for Saturday morning...wink wink...) p.s I'm obviously not following my gluten free, sugar free, dairy free diet anymore...

LOVE THESE for the babies room!




Audrey Hepburn maternity style... : )

Hope you're having a nice day!
Love Desiree

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hello again lovelies! Now that I'm out with my big secret I feel like I can finally start blogging freely again!

I'll start by sharing with you my week away in Southampton.  It's a quiet little beach town in Saugeen Shores near Port Elgin and I have a feeling this trip was the first of many more in my future.  I absolutely LOVED it!  James used to vacation there with his family every year growing up until he turned 14 and stole a bottle of Gin from them which abruptly ended the tradition.  They finally forgave him for being a shitty little kid and treated us to a pretty little cottage getaway.  A baby moon if you will… : ) I didn't have to cook or clean all week (not that I've been doing much of that lately anyway) and I spent my days laying on the beach, swimming, reading, knitting little baby things, eating baked goods, french fries and ice cream and taking upwards of two naps a day.  It was heavenly.  Exactly what I needed in the midst of this intense summer heat.  I tried my best to capture it all…hence the numerous photos and music video at the end…

Check it out…you may just want to head that way yourselves…


 Our home away from home...

Beach finds!

Such pretty little houses...
I was tired just watching him so I took a nap and ate another tart.
 William had a terrible sunburn after his nap
So he was careful the following day...
We took a short drive over to this beautiful church on the reserve...the grounds were pretty stunning.


Local knitting club.  They called themselves The Knitwitts... : ) Hilary and I were honourary members for the day but we were having too much fun and had to cut our stay short... ; )

James skips the stones and I collect the perfect skippers...we make a good team...
Will deep in thought debating whether to ever leave this place...

Glamour shots
We visited James' cousin Joyce...that's her in the picture...
French fries and milkshakes anyone!? Yes please! Don't judge me...I'm on vacation AND I'm pregnant...I'll take two of each!

Childlike sense of wonder.. : )
Car show!
Freshly bakes scones with cream and strawberries??? Sure...bring it over. : )
The downtown drag...

And now for the music video!!!  Check it out!

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