Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone.... and can I just say THANK GOD!  This week was short but man am I ever ready for it to end.... my bed is way too comfortable to have to leave it so soon every morning.... 

This photo makes me want to go West...

Wow, what an amazing idea...

New wine bar down the street called Midfield.  It inspires me.  : )

I have never had a hammock....and that is tragic. (first world problems)

Early spring makes me want to tie bows in my hair. 

I hope you're feeling inspired!

Thanks for reading...

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Participating in Winter: Take 2 - Skating Party!

Another enjoyable aspect of the season? Ice skating, of course!  I don't know why it's taken me this long to get on the ice...(that'a a lie, I do know, it's because it's cold, and I'm lazy..) but like I've said before, I an determined to participate in this season (before it's over) and the other night I took further steps to make that statement true.
We finally had our ice skating party.  A good ole wholesome activity well fit to Family Day Eve..

We started off at our house...and with hot apple cider in hand we walked down to the local skating rink at Dufferin Grove Park.

Ah yes, fun in the is possible.

Thanks for reading!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Whitney Houston Tribute By My 6 Year Old Self...

Whitney Houston was the voice of a generation. I grew up with her music for most of my formative years, or all of them really....  'Whitney' was my first ever tape given to me by my Aunty Leslee when I was maybe 5 years old and when The Body Guard came out on video I remember begging my parents to call 'Top Titles' to reserve my rental in advance so I could watch it with the babysitter and eat and drink all the pop and chips I wanted!  It was a pretty huge moment in my single digit years...I had never seen a more beautiful, talented women in all my life and I wanted to sing just like her, and I tried... desperately.  

So many tributes are coming out for Whitney I thought it would be fitting to let my 6 year old self do the terrible as it is, and believe me it pains me to listen, it really captures the adoration I felt those many years ago. : ) 

The picture is the only one I could find of me singing karaoke back in the day so it may be later on, I don't know...but that's definitely the stage I was singing from.... I spent a lot of time up there...getting better I hope... : )

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Heirloom Love: An Introduction

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you are enjoying your long weekend...except of course if you're from a far off land that doesn't celebrate family day...and if that's the case I hope you enjoyed your normal length weekend all the same.

So James has recently become a Buddhist, or at least he's recently become very interested in the Buddhist philosophy and after listening to him recount the lessons he's learned at the temple over the past few weeks I have become increasingly more interested in it myself.  Although, the only thing that kind of scared me off is the Buddhist's lack of 'things' or their belief that you don't need to clutter up your life with 'things' because 'things' don't make you happy.

That idea didn't sit too well with me because I absolutely ADORE pretty things!  So I approached James with my concerns and what he had to say made a lot of sense and opened me back up to the idea of Buddhism.  He said that the Buddhists aren't against having 'things' as long as you 'cherish' them as means to a greater end.  So basically the 'things' have to bring happiness and joy to you and others in order for them to have a place in your life.  I absolutely treasure all of my pretty things so thankfully if I did decide to go Buddhist I wouldn't have to lose my tea cups after all.... : )

This idea did me get me thinking about the objects I have and why I treasure them so much and it became clear that what I treasure most  are the stories that they bring with them or will bring with them, the people they immortalize and how I will pass along those stories and legacies on, which brings me to the point of this post.

  I find it so fascinating and comforting to be able to look around my home and be reminded of the past that comes with mostly all of my decor and I love to think that I will be able to pass these treasures along to my children, my nieces and nephews, and their children....

Mind you, as time passes it is easy to forget the details which is why I've decided to keep track of these heirlooms and share their beauty with all of you in a new weekly feature 'Heirloom Love'.

I will NOT be designating a day of the week though.  I can barely keep up with Inspire Me Thursday...I don't need anymore deadlines!

Now, not everything I have is of Heirloom status yet...  Some things are soon to be, so I may show you some of those things as well and why I think they warrant my love and attention.... : )

So to start with I'd like to introduce you to my Great Great Grandmother Margret who this beautiful pink depression glass bowl belonged to.

It was given to me by my Great, Great Aunt Marg (Margret's daughter in-law) who gave it to me at my wedding shower along with the picture of Grandma Margret.  She was a stern lady I'm told, but this bowl could always be found on her kitchen table filled with strawberries.  I fill mine with strawberries sometimes but I have a hard time leaving it for long... I end up having visions of someone knocking the table and the bowl crashing into a million little pink pieces so I put the strawberries back in the fridge, and the bowl back behind glass where no one can harm it. : )

Thank-you for reading folks... stay tuned for more heirlooms next week!

Love Desiree

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday

It's..... Thursday!!!  It almost feels like spring today...just a tease I'm sure but man I can't wait for spring flowers....


Would you still be my friend if James and I walked to work with this?

Perfect for a little deck in the city...

Make your own fortune cookies!? 





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