Friday, October 18, 2013

Back Home On The Farm: Our Last Visit Without A Child!

Hello old friends,
It's been a while since we've talked.  I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful fall season we've been having. All I want to do in this kind of weather is curl up with a good book, a knitting project, a good cup of tea or maybe a pumpkin spiced latte if I'm feeling especially cliche... and listen to some Joni Mitchell, preferably on vinyl.  It's the best season, and this year it's especially good because I get to get all cozy with my big baby bump while it jumps around from side to side reminding me of the little lady that is gearing up to make her arrival into the world. Pregnancy has had its fair share of unpleasantness, but these days,spending the evenings sitting with James watching my belly move is pretty amazing.  We're so excited to be parents…: ) Getting her little cloths all ready, washing all the receiving blankets, it's finally almost time!

Our lives lately have been all about family and I've really felt grateful for all of them…especially my Mom and Dad. They're still taking care of me and I don't want them to ever stop!  I can't wait to make them grandparents… Can you sense that my pregnancy hormones have turned me into more of  a sap then I was before!? God, you should see what happens when I watch Parenthood.  I don't even watch it when James is around, it's embarrassing.

Here's a little glimpse into what life is looking like for us right now complete with a couple weekends away on the farm for the last time without a baby of our own...
I can't believe my mom birthed all of these!
James takes me out for decaff lattes every Saturday morning at our local coffee shop The Brockton Haunt.  It's a nice little ritual...

 Favours from the baby shower... Aren't they cute!


Go out and enjoy the weather this weekend...before you know it, this beautiful season will be gone until next year...and I'll have a baby!

Holy shit!

Love Desiree
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