Thursday, June 23, 2016

Inspire Me Thursday

Hello Good People!

Thank the heavens it’s Thursday AND I’m off tomorrow AND it’s my mother fucking BIRTHDAAAAY on Friday…What, What! *raising the roof like someone born in 1984*

But on a darker note, my FAV... I’ve been on a roller coaster of worry lately. Big surprise right? This world is so messed up and my mental state is having a hard time handling it. This time my usual mental breakdown was mixed with a newly found fear of death! So this experience has been super special! In moments like these after I cry, yell at dangerous drivers, drink copious amounts of wine, lay awake grinding my teeth thinking about worst case scenarios as my heart pounds out of my chest, I always turn to my better, more rational half and he always has a way of snapping me out of my irrational fears with his impeccable logic mixed with irritation. Thank-GOD for him or I’d be more of a nutcase than I already am. I love this man so much. You’d be amazed at his ability to say the exact right thing to make you feel better. I haven’t been able to escape my anxiety but I’m doing my best to evaluate risks with a level head and respond accordingly. My goal is to live in the moment so I don’t spend the good times worrying about the possible bad times. This is a ridiculous habit I have that can spiral out of fucking control rendering me an agoraphobic.. so instead I gotta try real hard to stay on the right side of the sanity spectrum and fiercely defend all the love in my world.

I think I might get this tattooed on my forehead. And how are you guys? ; )
P.S It's a temporary tattoo you can buy online.  Would be the perfect gift to a new mom or anyone in your life with the worry gene.

And back to fashion to find my peace.
Denim. Always. Works.
 A beach day craft...that I will likely never do because my child would insist on "helping" every step of the way.  Bless her good intentions.
  I think I have to buy this.
I have a very similar chair that I have been patiently waiting to attach to something strong enough. This wait is going on 3 years but I still have hope.
I DIY'd some shade sails the other day to shield myself from the rays...value village table cloths.

Working on a post about feminism so get ready ladies... I'm riled up.
And lastly, in general I must

Have a lovely weekend!
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