Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inspire Me Thursday

It's Thursday!  Here's what's been inspiring me this week...








Thanks for reading!

Love Desiree

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Effingham

My brothers made a bloody boat!  With their own two hands, they looked up the instructions to make a boat online and they did it!  It floats and everything...look how beautiful she is, I'm beyond impressed.

They named her The Effingham.

This was when I first saw it...

And now it's all polished and ready to go!

Even a lantern. These boys have style!

And this is how they transport it...

All you have to do to make a minivan cool is put a boat in it... : )

Good job boys!

Love Desiree
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back Home On the Farm: Another Late Summer Visit

 We had friends coming down from the city this weekend so my mom and  I tried to make it extra special.  We were camping out back, so we tried to theme it perfectly as a country camping retreat... We made a trip to the charity shop for a woolen blanket and stocked up the old wagon with lots of fireside goodies...  We even pulled out the old Coleman Lantern from when my Nanny was a scout leader...  That just topped it off for me.

Check out some of the moments I tried to capture...

Special tools for cooking fireside... It's kind of like a natural pogo maker, and sandwich grill...

The Mascot...

My food truck...and yes, the Reese's were for Smores, and they were AMAZING.  I suggest you try it right away...

Some family time... : )

  Neat eh?

The crew arrived rather late, so I didn't get any pics of our tent city, but I can tell you that a greasy breakfast was definitely in order in the morning so we headed down to the The Family Grill and they had some local produce set up as well..

The city folks conversed with the farmer... : )

and some hair of the dog to refuel...

We toured the property taking time to examine the crops...

 Saw some horses and their electric fence.
and  Soy beans make such a pretty landscape....

And then some poolside relaxing that put me into such a coma that I didn't even bother taking any more pictures...   

We toasted our lovely weekend with some sparkling, said goodbye to our guests, and went straight to bed.

Feeling refreshed as always after some good ole country air...but missing the family like I always do...they're so good to us.  They even drove us back today, nothing but love...

Thanks for reading, hope you had a nice weekend too! Soak up this summer while you can....

Love Desiree

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