Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween Story!


Happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frightful Hair Clips for the 9 to 5er...

Remember Halloween in elementary school when you'd go home at lunch to change into your costume and then come back for the Halloween dance?  SO much fun right?  Well it's not like that anymore...(unless you work somewhere "creative"); in the real world Halloween at work is just not that fun...but fear not, I think I have a solution.  These scary hair clips are festive enough to put a jump in your step but classy enough that people will continue to respect you while you're wearing them.

So this is what you need... 
Go to the dollar store and buy:
-plastic skeleton hands or another Halloween inspired piece. (Maybe bones, or spiders?)
-piece of felt
-hair clips

Go to an office supply store and get some super glue...or if you have a glue gun, even better.

Glue a little piece of felt where you want to attach the clip and then glue the clip to the felt.

If you don't have long hair...perhaps a broach would be better?  That's classy too and be sure to wear all black. 

And there you have it...Halloween for a working stiff!

Good luck!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

My Witches Tea!

After weeks of planning my Witches Tea Party finally happened! It was definitely a success, but no small feat my small feat..

It all started with this photo... The inspiration that started the whole thing... 
The rest is history...
Lots of inspiration came from my Vintage Tea Party Cookbook...

Shortbread cookies ready to be filled with homemade apple butter...recipe here.
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies...straight from the tube!
Roast beef sliders with fancy Dijon mustard and a dollop of horseradish...SO good!  James cooked the roast the night before...he really saved me when it came to last minute preparations... He keeps me together...always has. : )
Cheese please!
Slow cooker apple butter...recipe here by a fellow blogger you should check out! I used some apples that my parents neighbors gave me that were considered 'seconds'...but were perfect for this!
Homemade spiced caramel buttons! Drop one in a cup of hot apple cider and it transforms it into the best caramel apple cider you will ever drink... recipe here and it was so easy you won't believe it!  It felt like science class.
Things are coming together nicely but I have worked myself into a tizzy and guests are starting to arrive!
Cucumber sandwiches...a true tea party classic... A nice loaf of white bread, cucumber shaved thinly with a peeler, softened spreadable cream cheese mixed with a tiny bit of mayo and lemon juice topped with some salt and pepper! good!
And the most important part...the most perfect scones! I used this recipe but I added a tsp of vanilla extract to the sour cream and milk mixture.
Most of my witches have arrived so it is time to feast!

The littlest witch...sporting one of my fascinator witch hats...
Chocolatey Chai Tea and Hot Apple Cider...

It It was time for a drink...
 So we opened the party up to the gentlemen folk, but I insisted they wear my fascinator's...
Now I need to sleep for a week and I'm not going to bake until Christmas!

Thanks for reading!
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday

Happy Thursday!

 Ha ha ha...she looks pleased.

Halloween is fast approaching and now is the time to carve your pumpkins, stock up on candy, and for god sakes find yourself a costume! The above pics are some costume ideas that are inspiring me but the below are some of my favourite costumes of Halloweens past... Maybe one of them will inspire you!

Tippi Hedren from The Birds was my favourite... I rigged up a fake crow to my shoulder and a bunch of black birds where ever I could attach them... The dress wasn't exactly the one she wore in the movie, but it was pretty close...
 Ah yes, and you may remember from last year when we were 'The1%'... Not as current this year but still a clever idea I thought...
 James as a dead Marlboro Man..
And I cruelly dressed him up like Edward from Twilight in this one...The picture doesn't quite capture it... His face was white and his chest was covered in sparkles! lol

 And one of the best couple costumes I've ever seen was Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan! 
How about a devil in a blue dress? Kind of lame, I know... : )
  Pumpkin carving is also on my to-do list for tomorrow and I LOVE these ones... Not very traditional, but they look so pretty all lit up... They say you should use a power drill to do it.  I did some similar ones last year with a knife but I might upgrade to power tools this year... It'll depend on how many glasses of wine I've had...
 I saw this on pinterest the other day and it's pure genius!
 It's a pumpkin house!
 Ice cubes with spiders in them? Come on, what a great idea for a could use little eyeballs too....
This looks terrifying! (past experience has left me paralyzed around these feline friends)

Have a wonderfully spooky weekend!

Love Desiree

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