Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frightful Hair Clips for the 9 to 5er...

Remember Halloween in elementary school when you'd go home at lunch to change into your costume and then come back for the Halloween dance?  SO much fun right?  Well it's not like that anymore...(unless you work somewhere "creative"); in the real world Halloween at work is just not that fun...but fear not, I think I have a solution.  These scary hair clips are festive enough to put a jump in your step but classy enough that people will continue to respect you while you're wearing them.

So this is what you need... 
Go to the dollar store and buy:
-plastic skeleton hands or another Halloween inspired piece. (Maybe bones, or spiders?)
-piece of felt
-hair clips

Go to an office supply store and get some super glue...or if you have a glue gun, even better.

Glue a little piece of felt where you want to attach the clip and then glue the clip to the felt.

If you don't have long hair...perhaps a broach would be better?  That's classy too and be sure to wear all black. 

And there you have it...Halloween for a working stiff!

Good luck!

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  1. Great ideas, photos, blog! I'm going to follow this! :)