Monday, February 20, 2012

A Whitney Houston Tribute By My 6 Year Old Self...

Whitney Houston was the voice of a generation. I grew up with her music for most of my formative years, or all of them really....  'Whitney' was my first ever tape given to me by my Aunty Leslee when I was maybe 5 years old and when The Body Guard came out on video I remember begging my parents to call 'Top Titles' to reserve my rental in advance so I could watch it with the babysitter and eat and drink all the pop and chips I wanted!  It was a pretty huge moment in my single digit years...I had never seen a more beautiful, talented women in all my life and I wanted to sing just like her, and I tried... desperately.  

So many tributes are coming out for Whitney I thought it would be fitting to let my 6 year old self do the terrible as it is, and believe me it pains me to listen, it really captures the adoration I felt those many years ago. : ) 

The picture is the only one I could find of me singing karaoke back in the day so it may be later on, I don't know...but that's definitely the stage I was singing from.... I spent a lot of time up there...getting better I hope... : )

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