Thursday, June 19, 2014

Inspire Me Thursday

Dear readers...Thursday is here and what a beautiful one it is. Eloise and I are hitting the streets for sure! We will be lathering ourselves in sunscreen first though and I hope you will be too! I saw a group of girls tanning the other day fully soaked in baby oil and smoking butts. I was horrified...horrified that I used to be them. Ugh, teenagers, when will they learn!
Check out my moms's amazing! Almost a decade in the making..

Loving peasant tops this summer. Mat leave style is seriously laid back...
More craft ideas!
I have never worn running shoes anywhere but the gym but I'm starting to warm to the idea.
I cannot for the life of me make a perfect pair of cutoffs. The thighs are always too tight if the waist fits. I think the key may be to buy mens jeans? Back to Value Village I go.

Kids love being under the table...lets take advantage of that with this stylish idea!
and another awww
People always tell you how fast the time goes and they're right. I can't believe 6 months has passed...On her sixth month birthday I just couldn't put her down for her afternoon nap. I longed for the days when she'd sleep on my chest for hours at a time...
6 months. : )
 St. George The Martyr church is our secret lunchtime spot when I visit James at work.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to walk over for a visit. Living in the city can sometimes have its downfalls but its days like this one when I remember why we stay.
I've finally been struck with the inspiration to sew again and last night I busted out the cutest little pair of bloomers ever! I'm going to do a few more and share them on the blog next week. 

Hope you are all well!
Love Desiree
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