Thursday, August 1, 2013

Inspire Me Thursday

Happy Thursday you lovely people...What's inspiring me this week you ask?  Well there's FOOD, that's a big one...maternity fashion, and predictable I know.  

Have you ever had a rice ball?? There are lots of varieties I think but there's this little place up the street from work that make the BEST rice balls of life and at this moment it's ALL I want.
  I couldn't decide between sweet and salty for breakfast last weekend so I chose all of the above. : ) James is my hero.
p.s it's decaf.

This kid is the best!
My inspiration...
 Great read!


I'm wearing a cartwheel hat today.

(Robert Downey Jr sings with Sting... I love him... I'm still sad about his exit from Ally McBeal and I'm not embarrassed to admit it)

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