Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home Grown Designs: Valentines

I love making Valentines...  What a perfect excuse for a craft!  I was planning on making a  lot this year, but February has sucked every ounce of motivation out of me so instead of making a bunch of valentines, I made one, and then sat on the couch...and thought about how I should take my own advice and go to the goddam gym....but didn't.  Currently I am still on the couch.

Here's the valentine I made for James...

and here's the necklace I made to wear tomorrow just cos I love a good theme...

I tried to find all the valentines James has made me over the years to do a little montage but I only found one....but it is the best one and the first one he ever gave me.  This thing has moved with me probably 10 times and is still kicking!  Check it always makes me smile.

What a sweetheart eh?  I was really into Jim Morrison at the time as well...(I was 15)  

This year we decided to go out last night because I don't do things on Mondays.  We went to one of our favorite spots...  John's Italian Cafe on Baldwin.  We like it for the ambiance and nostalgia more than the food...but the foods okay too.  James even splurged on a taxi cab home  AND THEN watched a seriously brutal chick flick with me....  It even had Katherine Heigl in it. (Don't judge me!)

Now that's love!

Up first ever guest post with some beautiful handmade cards perfect for someone special on any occasion.

Love Desiree

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