Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inspiration Thursday

It's Thursday already, it's not snowing AND it's a long that is inspiring!

Spring is in the air and I would love to start it off in a pair of these...available for an exorbitant price from Urban Outfitters.

I'm going to make this apron.

And these rubber boots....What a great way to fancy up the old wellies!

I need a shelf like this for my growing collection of retro china...

SO cool!  Love the wall paper too....

A Mourning Ring.  This idea is a bit morbid, but I'm kind of into it....great heirloom.

Lovely summer dress...

I loved this book...

I'm gonna start making shoe clips...great idea for bridesmaid shoes....

That's all for today...  I've got some projects on the mind for this weekend, so stay tuned.  Thanks for reading!

Love Desiree

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  1. Awesome stuff des! You've got such retro-whimsical it!