Sunday, March 27, 2011

Recent Garbage Picking

The other day James and I were almost home after a very long and cold walk home from work when I spotted a box brimming with goodies.  Suddenly I wasn't so cold anymore. I started digging.  James started bitching.  I understand he was cold and wanted to go home, but he said that my ability to see the difference between good garbage and straight up junk is starting to waiver and that what I was currently picking up was ugly old lady garbage!  Harsh words I know! Not to mention, old lady garbage is the best kind!  I'll let you judge for yourselves. It's definitely old lady.. there is poupouri involved, but I'm into granny chic and this little display is exactly what I had in mind!  The tray and jar were mine, I only took the perfume bottle and oil lamp and tore myself away from the box to be a good wife.

So tell me.  Am I crazy? Don't answer that. I know my mom will be on my side!

: )

Love Desiree

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  1. On Sunday I was at home, looking out the window and just generally feeling sad that I'm not able to be out and about the way I like to be. I'm stuck at home recovering from surgery. However as I was looking out the window my eye caught someone putting an awesome orange velour bucket chair out on themside of the road. After 5 minutes of convincing my boyfriend that every home needs an orange velour bucket chair he went and got it. It's now waiting in the shed for me to clean it all up once I'm able to. Thanks for all of your lovely posts. They have helped me find beauty and stay positive while I wait to get better.

  2. lol see, an orange velour chair is a great find! but a miniature oil lamp full of potpourrie? wtf is that?? ;)


  3. love it!!!!!