Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring? Is that You?

So I woke up on Saturday to another gloomy day, looked out the window and what did I see??  

Thank god, because I was beginning to question my ability to survive this weather without medication. This robin gave me the will I needed to go on.  So I hit the road in search of spring décor.  I figured, if you build it they will come?  Maybe?

Regardless, I ended up at Dollarama with an arm full of fake flowers, a bird house, and a floral tray.  I left without the birdhouse, which I later regretted but the fake flowers came with me.  On my way home from Parkdale people kept smiling at me, I think they appreciated my efforts to brighten up our dreary streets! (or they were crazy). I spent the next hour on my front porch giving the appearance of spring to all who pass by.  I can't tell whether this is tacky or not.  I mean, fake flowers don't really scream sophistication, but at least they're colourful, and after several months of gloom, I'll take anything.

 I started with my seasonal wreath.  I made some last fall from the wild vines at the farm and I decorate them according to the season.  They were previously decorated in a winter theme, which I was more than happy to update. Now they are screaming spring!  I added some flowers amongst my other weathered accessories and called it a day.  It’s not my best work... but I think it’s a huge improvement.

The next day… it was sunny and I rode my bike!  The weather gods were listening to my pleas!  I actually squealed with glee on my way to work, and that DOES NOT happen often, or ever really. This was a special day.

Today however, it was raining and that’s okay, I can deal with it.  It’s a spring rain and that is acceptable.  It will bring May flowers - or so I hear. But if it turns to snow ever again I think I may have to be committed.

Thanks for reading!

Love Desiree
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