Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back Home On The Farm: Weekend Getaway Pt 2 My Birthday and a Wedding

It was my birthday on Friday.  BOO.  I'm not really into this anymore...but regardless of my lack of enthusiasm surrounding aging...the wonderful people in my life insist on making my birthday special and they really take the sting out of the whole ordeal... : )

Firstly, my mom presented me with this amazing piece that was passed on to her to give to me by my most fascinating relative, Aunty Donna.

I had been telling my mom I wanted an old dress form to showcase my growing collection of antique jewels...but this was way beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

It's an antique dress form from 1890.  My Aunty Donna bought it years ago from an old clothing store in St. Catharines that had gone out of business.  The jacket and the measuring tape are original and it has the year it was made embossed at the bottom. I can't believe she parted with it! I just love how much history it has...  Imagine how many beautiful dresses have been sewn on this over the past hundred years!

My mom couldn't wait so I was given this a day early...but the birthday fun didn't stop there.  My dad made me a birthday omelette to start my day, with farm fresh eggs of course and  lots of other garden goods...

My mom took me to one of my favorite local shops, GIANT TIGER(GT Boutique) and we did some serious bargain shopping.  10 dollars, 3 dollars, 1 dollar!  I could barely stand it! She had to tear me away... only to bring me to my next favorite stop...The Salvation Army!

She treated me to this fancy pink tea cup, and managed to find this awesome tin too and I spotted the vase... pretty successful trip if you ask me!   : )

Having my mom all to myself this birthday was the best present she could have given me... : ) I know, I know... I'm a sap...but it's true..

She left me at the nail salon where I was meeting a fellow bridesmaid to get a mani/pedi for Chelsea's wedding the following day...  The massage chair was heaven and not a bad way to end a lovely birthday...
The wedding finally arrived...and it was beautiful!  I didn't take many pics which I'm kicking myself for now, but I'm hoping once the photo's come in Chelsea will let me share a few on the ole blog...because it was quite something...

(Her something blue was her Dad's vintage Monte Carlo) LOVE!

I did manage to get a shot of James and I though...don't you love the bowtie and suspenders!?  I was all over that... : )

We spent the night at James' parents house and when we arrived more birthday presents were waiting for me!

Check out the vintage playbills

and the personalized trowel!  I had been using one that was lacking a handle for the better part of the summer...

I even had a lovely handmade card from Laura with a handmade piece of Jewelry to match!

Even my youngest brothers gave me a GC from my favorite store...of the liquor variety... which they sooo didn't have to do, but so sweet that they did : )

I won't go on...but I'm feeling incredibly fortunate right now... I have some pretty amazing people in my corner of the world...and that's all I will ever need.


There's even more weekend to come so stay tuned!

Love Desiree
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