Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chelsea's Drive-In Bachelorette!

One of my oldest friends is getting married in a couple of weeks and this past weekend was her bachelorette party in Niagara...  The theme was Drive In Slumber Party! Two things that Chelsea absolutely adores in life....
Bridesmaids AND The Hangover Pt 2 were playing together at Can View so it all just seemed too perfect. 

We started off with some pink champagne at the farm...  Her wedding colours are pink and orange hence the bright hues and the obligatory over-the-top wedding veil was obviously on hand...

I made these cute little packages for us that came equipped with everything we were going to need for a good old fashion slumber party at the drive in...  We had lots of candy...ring pops...fun dips, pop and chips...and the final touch being a friendship bangle kit!  

I grabbed furry colourful pencil cases and filled them with pre-cut strips of fabric for finger weaving, scissors,ribbon and instructions that included a little note of significance... 

I strung up some pretty pink lanterns to set the mood....and made a cute little area beside the pool...

Chelsea's Drink of Choice...and my drink of no sleep. : )

Ahhh...and here comes the Bride...

Of course there were some skimpy dedicates to opened and a special something of heirloom proportions from my mom

...and then we were on the road...
We headed down to Can View after some appetizers,cocktails and a trip down memory lane at our old 'Local'

We set up our elaborate viewing station, made our friendships bracelets successfully and snuggled up for the flicks...  The movies were obviously quite fitting considering they both end in weddings! Pretty hilarious too.

At one point Chelsea looked over and said "I'm having the best time ever guys!" which was exactly what I wanted to hear. I think we all felt that way!  We've  had our fair share of boozing it up at dance clubs.  This felt way more special, and I think Chelsea will remember it forever, I know I will!  

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  1. Seriously...misty eyes from this one! You are so cute - what a fabulous idea!

  2. Love it...sad I missed it :(