Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Popps - What a Guy!

I'm sitting here eating my farm fresh eggs (courtesy of dad) on his 27th Fathers Day.  Most of you know my father as 'The Farmer' from my self-proclaimed title of The Farmer' s Only Daughter... He definitely is that...but he's not like any farmer you've ever met...there's way more to this story then meets the eye...

 My dad had me at the ripe old age of 25.  He was in bands, wore leather jackets, drove a motorcycle,had an imense amount of facial hair complemented by a huge main he often braided.  You could usually catch him wearing some form of plaid, or leather, drinking a 'black ice', huffing a Du Maurier and  listening to some David Lindley on record. He even took me to Kindergarten on a motorcycle!  He was a cooool dude... We were like rad bikers.

Dad worked at GM all my life...but he was always looking for a good business opportunity and when Karaoke hit the scene back in the early 90's my dad got on board.  He was always an amazing singer with great stage presence, so it seemed a pretty  perfect opportunity. That was the beginning of a successful company that's still going today.  Karaoke was my life for a very long time...a very long time.  It was a HUGE deal.

I loved watching my dad host.  He was hilarious, and so talented.  People loved him. He'd sing me funny songs, we'd sing together... He really could have been a star (as far as I'm concerned - and he was, in my eyes), but lucky for me he stuck to being a dad...

a dad to many....

1 baby...

2 baby...

3 baby... ( I think it was this point when the motorcycle, cigs, and leather jacket got traded in for a minivan,sea-do, and some acid wash pants..the 90's got to us)


Over the years, the motorcycle got a little dusty, the cigs butted out, and the hair thinned...but the coolness never just became a little more refined...  

Dad still has the business but he stopped doing the the hosting himself eventually and just hired staff to run the shows and expanded it to include DJ.  We've all worked for him, and I really don't think you could find a better job as a student.  Making money singing at a bar or DJing a highschool dance?  Okay!

He started getting interested in farming after living in the burbs for a few years, which was enough to drive any man to the country!  

He bought a horse farm when I was in highschool and quickly taught himself the ins and outs of the business... as if that was an easy task...but it was shortly after that when my grandparents decided it was time for another generation to take over the homestead...and my dad knew that was what he wanted.  He sold the horse farm and bought up the family farm.  The rest is history...

I'm always amazed to think of everything my dad accomplished for us. How?  He's an enigma and truly a success story... He gave us everything and I can't possibly thank him enough.

But I will try...thank-you Dad!

I love you and Happy Father's Day.

Thanks for reading folks, be sure to thank your dads today...
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  1. Wow I must be getting old I have so much history.
    You make me sound like quite the guy.
    I am as you know Just dad.
    Thanks for the best wishes.
    Love Dad