Monday, October 10, 2011

Back Home On The Farm: A Happy Thanksgiving

 I have so many wonderful thanksgiving memories on this farm.  I love coming home on holidays, the family all coming over, the fuss in the kitchen, it's always been here and it's always been wonderful and I'm banking on that continuing for a very long time!  

One thing we do every year is take a thanksgiving day walk.  It used to be the whole family but now it's been passed on to the younger, more limber generation.  So after we ate, we toasted with a Kraken (Dark and Stormy), had a little rest in the grass, and began our stroll.

When we got was time for a hoedown.  Front porch styles....

 My beautiful her spot.

and as the sun set over the farm, we started a fire...

and roasted some freshly picked chestnuts... 

Twas a perfect day...and there were still two more days of being thankful ahead of us ...we had two more family feasts( I need to go the gym BAD), took another hike, and spent some quality time around the farm with mom and dad...

That was some weekend, and now we're back feeling very thankful indeed, and full to the brim!

Happy Thanksgiving friends and thanks for reading...hope you had a great weekend..

Love Desiree

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