Friday, October 28, 2011

Goodbye Brookfield!

It's the end of a month, the end of a season, and for me it also feels like the end of an era.

This weekend we say goodbye to a house that made Toronto feel like home to me from the very first day I moved here... I never actually lived in it, but it housed a good portion of my 'urban family' and if it wasn't for them, I really don't think I could have hacked it up here in the big smoke for long.

It was a rainy spring day 7 years ago when I took a Greyhound bus to Toronto with James to find ourselves an apartment together.  I had already landed a job and it started in a week, so I needed to find a place ASAP.  All I knew was that Sarah and Ron (my new best friends)  lived near Trinity Bellwood's Park, so when I came across an ad for a basement apartment across from that park while reading the classifieds in a dirty Subway restaurant, I called the number immediately and went to see it. We took it right away, signed the lease and were official Toronto residents. (note: the rental market is NOT so easy anymore)  We called Ron and Sarah from a Coffee Time I will NEVER again go to and they invited us right over.  We were cold and wet from walking in the rain and they welcomed us into their warm cozy home with open arms.  They would continue to welcome us through those doors for the next 6 years, and that house would continue to be a home base for all of us.  Apartments came and went, but Brookfield was the 'constant', always there and  boy did we have some times!  If those walls could talk....

So saying goodbye to this house is like saying goodbye to an era, a pretty awesome one.  We're  welcoming a new one that I'm sure will be equally wonderful, but it's still bittersweet.

So thank-you house, it's been my pleasure.

A few shots from over the years...

(It used to be a dairy farm way back in the day)

Sniffle, sniffle....

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