Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have a confession to make...despite my weekly Inspire Me Thursday posts I'm feeling desperately uninspired.  I have moments of inspiration but they are fleeting and lead to lots of unfinished projects that lay around my house starring me down making me feel like a crafting failure!

For example...last weekend I decided to follow this tutorial to make these pretty peppermint sugar cubes from left over candy canes.  Great idea right? Perfect for a tea party!  I had a tiny ice cube tray, a blender, and lots of leftover candy canes already in the house so I had nothing stopping me.  It seemed to be working out until I added water...then the blender wouldn't move and I had big chunks of hard sugary nuggets threatening to break my blender for good.  So I scrapped it all out into a bowl and began mixing it with my hands adding more water.  It was moist like the tutorial said it would be so I figured I was done.  I put my minty goo into the ice cube tray and let it sit for the day to dry...and then the night... Nothing happened.  All I was left with was wet sticky candy cane goo in an ice cube tray that I eventually threw away.  Total fail.  I guess I added to much water, blended too much, but really ...  I think you need candy molds to make this worth the effort...and who has those?

So ya, that was the last crafty thing I did.  I was so disappointed, I went to Value Village to cheer myself up.  They didn't have one pretty dish or tea cup to speak of!  What the shit?  I did manage to score an awesome kids vintage toboggan for my future child..but since I don't have a child nor am I expecting one anytime soon...this purchase won't give me the immediate satisfaction I was seeking...sigh.

BUT, another weekend is upon me and hopefully with it will come some creative juices...

So stay tuned! Thanks for reading.... Pin It


  1. I'm sure that patience may have been required here. Like...........a month or so forgotten in a cupboard somewhere. Or for the impatient in the freezer as fancy little peppermint ice cubes for an iced tea party.