Thursday, January 5, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday: It's 2012!

My first 'Inspire Me Thursday' of exciting! I hope you all enjoyed ringing in the New Year.  I sure much so that I would go so far as to call the evening... inspiring! : )

A dear friend of mine shares a birthday with the years end, so that's what I was celebrating time round... the New Year was just an added bonus.  We had a fancy dinner with lots of wine and champagne to put us in good spirits and then we hit up The Horseshoe Tavern for the annual 'Sadies New Years Concert'. Great food, great company, and a pretty rocking show...I couldn't ask for more than that!

(Terroni on Queen West, Toronto) 

The Birthday Girl!

This was my hair inspiration for the night....

 and this is what I came up with alongside my handsome husband... it even stayed glued like that allll night!

and now back to your regularly scheduled program... 



Tea party inspiration...

We've almost made it through the first week of the year! So far so good!

Have a great weekend....

Thanks for reading...

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