Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thrifting Jackpot!

I was feeling the effects of a wine filled Friday night this past Saturday morning when I decided a little retail therapy was in order.  I walked to Dufferin Mall in search of something pretty. I searched through the racks of neon while the booming base line of offensive top 40 hip hop rattled by brain before I escaped out the back parking lot to gather myself.  I decided a good thrift shop would be much more rewarding than this place so I headed up the street to Value Village.  There was nothing but junk (i actually saw a day planner from 2009 they were trying to sell for 3.99...are you kidding me?)... I was feeling very defeated and hung over, ready to go home empty handed...but then I saw it...this beautiful print being wheeled around on a cart of new donations being loaded onto the shelves.  It was busy, and there were a lot of people just like me looking for treasures so I knew it was going to be scooped up if I didn't act I quickly walked towards the women, I took it right off her cart, bought it, and got out of there!  My hang-over  instantly lifted and the feeling of satisfaction took over.  I rode my bike home feeling on top of the world. ; )

Check. it. out.

It's called 'The Bride'

She makes me happy...

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