Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday

  Happy Thursday!  I wish I could somehow capture smells for Inspire Me Thursday (isn't their an app for that yet?) because spring time is the most wonderfully fragrant time of year and the scents that lift my spirits on my bike ride into work should be shared with everyone!  It's perfectly warm with just enough chill in the air to keep my cloths dry and the air fresh.  The streets are filled with flowering trees with their sweet scents filling the air.... I pass by bakeries and the fresh bread and chocolate waft from their open windows making me smile.  I breath it all in as I peddle... I ride through Trinity Bellwoods Park where the trees are still wet from the night before and it smells of earth after a rainfall.  As I get closer to work I smell greasy breakfasts and fresh coffee as I lock up and head on in for another day... It's the best part of my day... A spring just can't be beat!

And now for my inspirations...

I am all about the gardening lately...and THIS is a great idea.

What!?  If you go to the source there's more photo's...


Tree love...

I got to move my office to the theatre last week to 'observe' production... I busted out my hard hat and steel toes too... I took a couple pics too...not a bad view!

A sneak peek at our backyard makeover... but it deserves a blog post of it's own.  Stay tuned!

It's supposed to be another perfect weekend so use this inspiring Thursday to make plans!

Thanks for reading!

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