Monday, May 28, 2012

Sarah's Mad Hatter Tea Party Baby Shower!

My god, what a shower!  My dear friend Sarah is just about ready to pop and a few of her best friends put on a serious 'do' this weekend to celebrate...


 Sarah with the party experts...

Wow right?  My pictures don't do this party justice...I didn't capture the half of it, we even got little pedicure sets on the way out!  This was more put together than my wedding... 

Note to self: Make friends with event planners... : ) 

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  1. This is such a very nice baby shower party!

  2. Sarah's Mad Hatter Tea Party Baby Shower just took my heart away. The party decorations are brilliant. I just can’t think about hosting such a cute party on my own. Well done! For my sister’s baby shower I personally booked a local rooftop event venue and hosted a dinner party. It was also quite enjoyable.