Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Cottage Getaway

Oh me oh my, how lucky am I to have had back to back long weekends of extreme summer fun!  This past weekend James and I were invited to the most beautiful cottage I have ever seen, 'Mon Remi'...It was something out of a magazine!

My shoulders began to lower as the sky scrapers were replaced by trees and water and by the time we stopped at Duck Rock General Store I was officially in cottage mode, barely able to stop myself from cranking up the classic rock and ripping into a six pack....  The car was buzzing with excitement or at least I thought it was until I realised that the buzzing was actually coming from outside and we were being swarmed by deer flies!  My city self may have been a little evident at this point but I embraced the wild life eventually, armed with a can of bug spray at all times, which I'm sure was more harmful than the bug bites themselves but...I digress.

When we arrived I stood in awe for a moment and then quickly began documenting.  If only smells could be captured! The scent of cedar was so lovely, it added even more beauty to this space, if that was possible.

Our first hour at the cottage was pure bliss... We dropped our bags down in our rooms, unpacked our groceries and hit the dock...  It wasn't long before the fishing rod was out and the bathing suits on... the happiness I was feeling at this moment...jumping into warm lake water, looking up at this mansion cottage was absolutely unmeasurable!  Pure bliss! This was my reality for the next three days!? What did I do right in a past life!? Right?

And these two lovebirds were just the cutest thing to witness...especially for us old married couples... :)
awww.... i see you! (is that creepy?)
I finally got a new suit...I've reached the one piece stage of my life...

This guy came prepared!
No fish were caught which made me feel much better about swimming...
Jill = Our ticket to an amazing summer weekend!
Such a fitting i-pod dock!

The deck to end all decks! 

Saturday was supposed to be rainy and cooler BUT not a cloud in the sky!  It was hot and sunny and we took advantage of every single second... We fit every cottage activity into that day and didn't leave the dock for much...except for our gourmet meals of course and with three classy ladies in charge we were obviously eating like kings! Home-made burgers, salads, ribs, roasted baby potatoes, asparagus....hmmmmm!

Jump shot!
Home made banana bread, home made quiche, peameal bacon on the bbq and fruit salad...

Kayak love...

Snack time!

More snacks!
Just a little Crab Ragoon...no big deal. : )

Best cottage crew EVER. Jill really knows how to pick em. : )
A window seat in the kitchen...what a great design!  Bravo Bob and Mary Lynn, bravo! : )

A toast...

Loving the lamp
A perfect time for the floral crowns...
And then after a few drinks Jill introduced us to 'The Ugly Stick'
A very special instrument that I am so making!
Which instigated the most epic jam session to Ben Harper that had us all in fits of laughter.

That laugh attack added a few years to my life, I'm sure of it. 
And then it was time for some star gazing...
and in the age of the i-phone, star gazing is a much more informative experience...
Before I knew it Sunday morning had arrived and after breakfast it was time to be on our way...
Smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel, quiche, and fruit salad...

I hope no one is coming the other way!

It wasn't until a little before Barrie that I began to feel like I was once again sitting on the dock but this time the sensation was not welcomed.  Thankfully I was in a car with the sweetest people ever who eased my mind, passed me a bag and let me sit in the front seat ...and thankfully the bag stayed empty but my heart very full of love.

A small sacrifice for a wonderful trip!

Thanks for reading and thank-you Mary Lynn and Bob for letting us enjoy the fruits of your labour...you did such an amazing job!  What a wonderful place to make memories for years to come.


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