Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Journey to Wellness: An Introduction

Dear Readers,

I was inspired to write to you guys today because I am feeling pretty great for the first time in a while…2013 had a pretty rocky start for me. I came to a truly traumatizing realization that I am not as healthy as I thought I was, nothing life threatening, but this discovery launched me into a pretty obsessive lifestyle shift. It started off with ramping up my exercise routine to everyday and making  MASSIVE diet changes… Eliminating processed sugar, caffeine, cutting out dairy (except for the odd sprinkle of feta cheese),cutting out bread, pasta, rice, and white potatoes while tripling my veggie intake, only eating organic hormone free meats, and drinking enough water to fill a swimming pool by the end of the week… Sounds pretty intense right? IT IS…but it didn't end there…I started to look into cosmetics because I knew they were bad for me but I really had no idea how bad… Holy shit guys… I'm serious here.. It's scary and I truly do blame some of my current health issues on the crap I've been smearing all over my face, my hair, and my body for almost 30 years!

So anyway, fast forward a month... I went from feeling helpless, angry, and depressed to feeling empowered, energized and confident.  I finished reading 'No More Dirty Looks' and at the risk of being totally preachy here I have to strongly advise that you pick it up if you haven't already…I thought I had a pretty good idea of the evils of the world but no…there were more….and these ones hit close to home… READ IT.

The book gave me the knowledge and the reference tool that I really needed to make a change…  I have cleared out thousands of dollars worth of cosmetics (even ones that say they're free of bad chemicals) and I will never look back.  My view of beauty has changed too…I'm taking a more natural approach… that's not to say I haven't stocked up on organic cosmetics, but I went to the gym all weekend sans makeup which may seem like no big deal to you but I haven't left my house without makeup on since grade 7…so this was a big deal.  

So I'd like you to join me as I embark on this journey of wellness (don't roll your eyes)…I'm going to start sharing recipes again, but these recipes won't be quite like the ones I used to post… These ones will be RIDICULOUSLY healthy but still delicious I promise… : ) I'll also share some DIY beauty recipes, maybe a couple green product reviews as I start the hunt for organic makeup, shampoo, soap, nail polish etc…

So here I go….on my way to a healthier life…

I hope you'll come too….we can help each other.

Love  always,
Desiree Pin It


  1. desiree, this post has inspired me to look for all natural products for my skin :) i've been using argan oil for the last couple weeks and it feels great! look forward to reading more about your wellness discoveries.

    1. That's great Carmen! I've heard argan oil does wonders! Thanks for the comment. I'm working on a post right now!