Thursday, April 4, 2013

Inspire Me Thursday

Good morning lovelies... Is it seriously still winter? Is God punishing us? ; ) It is sunny at least and that's something...if it were cloudy I may have had to call in depressed.  : )
Happy Thursday!

Man, I long for this....


I made a one of a kind signature scent for a one of a kind lady on her birthday...

The Easter Bunny was very good to me this year...
 First this gem of a package...
 and then this wicked sheep pelt!
 ....this cozy pair of socks (made by my Dad aka... The Farmer)
 And we even got matching socks to celebrate our love... : )
Thanks Dad... : )
And here are some shots from my time back home...where spring hasn't quite decided whether to stay or go...

The Herd

The boys making the magic happen...(p.s check out Asa on The Rick Mercer Report talking beer here)

I hope you're all well... I'm looking forward to spending the weekend whipping up some natural beauty recipes! What are you guys doing?

Thanks for reading!!!
Love Desiree

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