Thursday, May 16, 2013

Inspire Me Thursday

Hello my faithful readers… Another Thursday is upon us and this one leads into the long May weekend!  Can you believe it!? I am SO excited to finally be here. This is when life in Canada gets gooood and after the inexcusable weather we've had earlier this week I am so ready!  Side note: I think this might be the first year I've referred to this weekend as 'The Long May Weekend' and not May 2-4… I must be getting close to 30!  I've begun associating this weekend with yard work and not drinking.  : ) Very adult.  Are you going to be planting this weekend? Tying one on? Both?

I bought some hanging baskets and ferns last weekend but I still want to start my herb garden and get flowers to pretty the place up.  We're really lucky to have a ton of shops around us that open up little garden centres so I never go far.  I'm all about keeping my business in the neighborhood.  I put on a spring dress and load up my bike with the prettiest blooms I can find within a few blocks… It's my favourite part of spring. : )

I wish I had one of these frocks tomorrow!  What is with the dresses these days? Why can't I find one of these?  Everything is either too short or too long or my personal favourite...the mullet dresses that are so in fashion this season.   Short at the front, long in the back? Really? Just give me a classic lady like that so much to ask?  I wish I was a better sewer...
Harley has emerged to sun himself in the backyard...I hope he's wearing sun screen! p.s buy your sunscreen from a health food store this year...the chemicals in the regular stuff are almost as bad as the sun itself!
James and I make a great team.  I  plant the flowers and he keeps them alive! I bet you've never seen a better dressed gardener either.. ; )
Last weekend we had a Mother's Day Tea party... Doesn't it look pretty!  We had mini cucumber sandwiches, smoked salmon, local artisanal ham and cheese (from The Hogtown Cure ) on bakery fresh croissants and Glory Hole gourmet donuts! It was lovely aside from the hale, rain, sleet, and snow...but it made the tea all the more cozy.

 And a few from the archives...


It was this week 25 years ago that I attended and was in my first wedding! I'm pretty sure I still have that dress... I will leave you with that.

Have a safe and happy long weekend!  Slow down and enjoy...summer comes and goes really fast remember!

Thanks for reading...

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