Monday, January 24, 2011

They Can't All Be Winners - Chalkboard Fail

I had the best intentions this weekend to start my first ever DIY Sunday project and it was gonna be great…or so I thought.  I documented my efforts so I could post a how to, but in the end I was actually documenting a total fail.  I didn’t want the whole thing to be a loss, so instead of starting a DIY Sunday thread, I’ve started a ‘They Can’t All Be Winners’ thread where I will document my failed attempts and the lessons I learn from them.

Without further ado…here is my first (documented) fail:

The Chalkboard Platter
I had a stack of metal platters from the Dollarama and a can of chalkboard paint…and thought it would look awesome to make a chalkboard sign to hang on the bathroom door.  I could write ‘Powder Room’ or 'Salle de Bain'…or something like that…  In the end I have no sign, no platter, and a house that smells like paint.

This is what happened…

It was a lazy you can see by the looks of my kitchen table.  We ordered Pizza, I drank a half bottle of wine and got to work...

When taping in a circle, I cut slits in the tape to make it shape easier in the round.  Clever aren't I?

The first coat looked good, nothing suggested this paint wasn't going to stick...

BUT... When I giddily started to remove the tape the next day to unveil my beautiful creation, the reality of the situation sunk in.  It didn't work!  The paint was peeling off!  NOOOOO.  It's -25  outside, it's still January, I have to work in the morning, and now I have no new post for my huge audience of readers!  I went to the couch and sunk in.  Tear. 

What did we learn from this?

Chalkboard paint will only stick to porous surfaces, so I should have sanded it down, and then painted it!  At least that's what google said.  I have another platter at home, so I’m going to try this again..… maybe tonight.  We’ll see what happens…it may work, or maybe we’ll have another lesson learned.

Stay tuned...

Love Desiree
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  1. Thanks for sharing the blunders as well as the winners. I think your humility is darling and it makes you accessible to your huge audience of readers :)