Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back Home On The Farm: A January Visit

I took a bus to the farm on Sunday morning, I brought my knitting, a loaded i-pod, and a book for the journey.  When I arrived at the terminal my parents were waiting for me in the van, my mom holding a hearty lunch in Tupperware knowing I'd be hungry. : )  We went straight from the bus station to the Value Village across town.  My dad dropped us off and my mom and I got down to it.  We had been planning this trip for a while so we were both raring to go.  We scanned the aisles for treasures until my dad got back and then we quickly scanned them again to make sure we hadn't missed anything...  I could have spent several more hours there but I had to be reasonable and tear myself away.  The thrift stores in small towns are WAY better then those in big cities.  Too much competition in big cities...  We hopped back in the van and headed to my Nanny's house for a visit.  I don't see her nearly enough, so it was really nice to surprise her.  She never lets me leave empty handed, and this trip was no exception.  We could barely fit in the van after a trip to Value Village AND a trip to Nanny's.  It was my lucky day and I've laid everything out to show you.

Check out my thrifty finds...

My Nanny made this in 1979 and she signed the bottom, I love that part the most...

She also gave me an antique pink glass bowl and plate that belonged to my great grandmother.

...and this retro decanter!  I remember it always being filled with rye growing up.

We left my Nanny's and headed to the farm.  My mom (The Shepherd) brought me out back to see the newest addition to her flock, a Romni Ram named Ramses.  Apparently that used to be a brand of condom, but since that was well before my time, the joke was wasted on me.  But unlike a condom, Ramses will hopefully make many babies come spring.  He's the one in the back checking out the ladies.

Look at the package on him!

Whenever I go home I take a quick trip to the barn for a good treasure hunt, so after my visit with the lambs that's just what I did. The barn is a place of lost things from the past. It's been in the family so long, you never know what you're going to find. I found an old globe that still shows the USSR, so that's pretty cool, and I also found my old love letters from when James was in France... How sweet they were. I tied them in ribbon and brought them home...  : )

I went back inside to find my dad working away on another pair of socks.  It's a pretty amazing machine and it's speed never fails to amaze me.

Here he is making socks while drinking the wine he made from the mulberry tree in the backyard, this man is  a machine!

It was lovely spending some quality time on the farm with my mom and dad.  Having been the oldest in a large family it's always strange and wonderful now when I come home and get all their attention to myself...I don't even have to fight for the bathroom...it's glorious!

Thanks for reading folks...

Love Desiree

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  1. Love it! and you...ciao

    From Megan!

  2. We enjoyed having you back for a few days.
    My phobia of driving to Toronto makes our visits to few.
    Love Dad