Sunday, March 20, 2011

Create-A-Date: A Floral Crown DIY

Last night was the last night of winter, thank god!  A perfect reason to celebrate... so I threw a party, a welcome spring party!  It was a floral affair and beforehand I had my first ever create-a-date with the lovely Jill from Jillery to create some floral accessories for the occasion.  We made floral crowns and some floral bracelets for the ladies.

Here's a how-to so you can make a floral crown at home...

Here's what you're gonna need:

-Floral tape  
-Floral wire
- Pliers
- Scissors
- Selection of fake flowers

All these materials can be found at any craft store.  We bought our flowers at Dollarama.

Step 1 - Make the base of your crown.  
Unravel your wire to measure a circle around your head the size you want your crown to be.  Unravel three more lengths of wire to make it sturdy and twist it all together.  Twist the ends together to connect the circle.

Step 2 - Add flowers.
Take a flower and a 10cm piece of wire and wrap it to your crown base.  Continue doing this until your crown looks like you want it to look.  We left a gap at the back flowerless and wrapped it with floral tape to finish it off.

And here they are, our crowns!

Same process for the bracelets.  It was such a colourful soiree!

Happy crown making!

Thanks for reading....

Love Desiree

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