Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guest Post: Made With Love by Jillery

I'd like to introduce you all to my very talented friend Jill.  We go way back! My parents bought the farm she grew up on before they moved to the family farm they live on now so Jill and I have a special connection.  I love her style, and her spirit so I asked her to do a guest post for us.  She makes some very pretty things...and she's known for her beautiful hand made presents that I've been lucky enough to receive myself....

Here's what she had to say...

Gifts are visual symbols of love.
It has become quite clear to me that gifting giving is one of my primary love languages (The 5 love languages, by Gary Chapman) and my favorite gifts to give are those that I make. If you have ever given a hand made gift regardless of its monetary value you can probably share in the feeling of excitement in both making it and giving it.  My gift of choice is often hand made jewelry that is now known to my friends and family as Jillery.
I have always loved accessories and have shoe boxes of necklaces to prove it.  Creating my own started in high school. The material of choice was hemp. I now use them as yoga mat ties.  If anyone’s inner hippy wants a hemp necklace or bracelet…let me know : )

My style is a mix of antique and modern.  I like to use keys, feathers, pearls and chandelier prisms.

I am thrilled that Desiree asked me to be a guest on her fabulous blog.  We are truly kindred spirits. Maybe it’s because we spent years of our childhood on the same soil or that we are just both farm girls at heart.
We may live on opposite sides of the city but it is always worth the trip. I look forward to many collaborations in the future.
Lots of Love Jill
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  1. How gorgeous and what a wonderful notion, that presents are visual expressions of love and affection.

  2. I've been lucky enough to receive some of Jill's beautiful creations, too. She's truly gifted when it comes to jewellery design!