Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thrifting: My China Obsession Continues...

It’s amazing how much vintage china you can find at thrift stores, and this discovery has seriously impacted my life.   Last week I spent an hour or so digging through the Value Village on Queen East with my thrifty friend Jill and then I went back to the farm and hit up The Value Village in Niagara Falls and then The Salvation Army in St. Catharines!  James was my mule on the bus ride home, saddled with several bags of china and dollarama goods.  How lucky am I?!  Although, I did get the sense that he didn't understand my passion for this collection, I’m sure once he sees how pretty this will all look at our next dinner party, he'll surely understand.  It was actually my mom who suggested that instead of having a matching set of dishes, I could use mismatched vintage rose china!  Genius!  I can’t wait for spring when I can unveil this vision.  

Here’s what I’ve picked up over the past couple weeks…

It's just like in my Inspiration post!  

I can't wait for my next trip to Value Village!  It's becoming an addiction.  

Love Desiree
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