Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden Transformation: Phase One - Planting

Mother Nature finally delivered!  What a beautiful Saturday for some gardening!  I wasn't about to waste a moment of this day, so I got up super early to beat the crowds to the garden centre.  I made a few trips back and forth from the No Frills on Landsdowne and I was ready to get down to some planting.  I cranked up the obligatory long weekend soundtrack...Classic Rock Q107 and got to work.  I really had no idea what to buy so I pretty much just bought what looked pretty and followed the directions on the tags to know where I should plant them.  You should write that piece of advice down eh!? 

I spray painted some old pots purple which i think turned out pretty nice...

And of course a little fake flower craft to top things off....

And then it was time for a drink!

Not bad, not bad at all...if i do say so myself!  Now we can watch my garden grow, or hopefully I guess I should say... : ) 

Thanks for reading, hope you're having a great long weekend..

Love Desiree
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