Friday, May 20, 2011

Preparing for the Rapture

In preparation for the rapture, I think a major dilemma on everyones mind right now is definitely WHAT TO WEAR?  It's kind of a big day, you want to make the right impression!  Your outfit says a lot about you and may be the deciding factor on whether you stay or go...

So I've come up with some inspirations to help us all along

For me, I'm thinking very modest, pure and flowing...  Angelic if you will?

If you want to give off more of a mormonesque quality, I would suggest the prairie dress.  No one is going to think you're a sinner with one of these on!

So good luck at the Rapture everyone and don't forgot to ask for forgiveness before midnight!

See you on the otherside....and if we don't make it I'll be posting a selection of survival crafts to prepare us for the coming months.

Love Desiree

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