Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birthday with Bacon!

It was my little brothers 21st birthday yesterday....He's not so little anymore (taller than me, that's for sure!) and as much as I want to do a slideshow showcasing his growth into manhood while gushing about how proud I am, I will spare him the embarrassment and only share my awesome birthday meal and manly birthday cupcakes.

We started with a Jamie Oliver special that worked out just like he said...

And then I busted out the cupcakes... How do you make a cupcake manly you may ask?  You put bacon on it of course!

(Verdict: Not bad...It tasted exactly how you'd if you like bacon, you'll like these. ) 

Thankfully we didn't have any vegetarian's in the crowd!

Thanks for reading folks...

Love Desiree

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