Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Guest Post with Harley: 'The Table'

When Harley first showed me the broken rusty table he had found on the side of the road I was happy that we both shared the passion for treasure hunting and I figured it could work in a shabby chic sort of way if he could do some repairs but it did seem like quite the undertaking. I had no idea he would TRANSFORM it into such beauty! I'm so impressed I asked him to share the story of  'The Table'.  Here it is...

So I’m walking home one night from the farmer’s only daughter’s husband’s brother’s place. As I recall the walk was more than a walk. My limbs were heavy and my eyes were just plain bad.When I finally reached the top of Brock and Dundas I could feel my bed getting closer. I safely crossed the street to find a dark rectangular shadow staring me down. So, naturally I put on my most craziest look and sauntered towards it. Luckily it was just a table, a round table! I knew we were going to be friends. I said "hello", we exchanged titles, I picked up the pieces and went home. In the morning I woke up sick and sweating but I knew there was work to be done. I looked at the table for a long time to decide if this was, "the shit" or just "shit". Regardless, the first step was to clean all the shit off the surface. Already it was looking better than my current kitchen table.

After this was completed it revealed a dark grain similar to the smear of my needy throbbing brain. Then all it needed was a good sanding. I went to the Big Duff to get some supplies. Overall: about 30 dollars cost in sandpaper, epoxy, stain and polyurethane. After a full day of sanding I applied the stain - "Red Mahogany". It started to look similar to how I envisioned it that drunk and dreary night. 

After the stain dried, I applied the first coat of varnish. When that dried I sanded with 220 grit to get out any minor imperfections, then repeat with the varnish and sanding until I had 4+ coats on.

 Then the final step involves some of your closest friends and family, some dominoes, good music and dark beer.



Thanks for sharing Harley, very inspiring!  If anyone wants more details on how to salvage old wood I'll be sure to pass your questions along to the master..

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow The Farmers only daughters father never knew that #3 was so talented
    Great job Harley.