Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inspire Me Thursday

Happy Thursday!  It's officially the Christmas season!  I'll be putting all my decorations up this weekend while drinking egg nog.  Two glasses a year, one to put up the tree, and one on Christmas morning...

Via Vogue Australia

Wow, see ya later world!

Love this hat...and you could totally make one yourself.  Follow the source and it will bring you to a tutorial...

I think I'm buying a vintage one today... : )

Not a bad gift idea...make personalized ornaments.  They sell the empty ones at dollarma...

Couldn't resist a good Picard shot...

When I was a child Raffi's Christmas marked the season for me...and Sesame Street's Christmas Eve Special on record....  What about you?  What are some old holiday traditions that warm your heart when you think of them?

Have a wonderful weekend folks.  (I wish it was Friday already!)

Thanks for reading!

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