Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inspire Me Thursday

 What a beautiful day!  Not only is it Inspire Me Thursday, but it's a brisk sunny December morning!  A little snow would be nice but I am loving the fact that I am still riding my bike to work, so I will not complain.  Here are some inspirations for the week to get your creative juices flowing for the holiday season.

 A granny square tree skirt!  Maybe next year... : )


 source (for all the above)




The first glass of the season...hmmm

If you live in Toronto, this house is on Brock St. between Queen and Dundas and is definitely worth checking out.  They do this every year and a picture really can't even capture the magnitude of Christmas spirit these people have created.  They even have a countdown to Christmas on the front porch!

Have a wonderful weekend folks, and stay tuned for pictures from our annual Red and Green party this weekend! I can't wait!

Love Desiree
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