Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back Home On The Farm: Our First Summer Visit

It had been a while since we'd visited the farm...not since Easter when the flowers were just starting to bloom and  the trees were all still bare... Since then mother nature has exploded all over the place!  Summer is here and my paradise awaits!  

The newest edition to the in-law's always shockingly beautiful garden is this little house... It's not quite done, it has a swinging seat that hasn't been attached yet.  My father-in-law built it for my Mother-in-law so she can nap in the garden... How sweet is that?

The master gardener ...

and 'The Farmer's' garlic patch is well on it's way after a lot of hard work...

hmmmm...I sooooo wish i was in that right now.
And these are the flowers I was telling you about last week...the ones with the history... and get this, they have even more history than I thought!  Jill told me that before they made their way to the horse farm we both lived on that they were at her Grandmothers house!  These flowers have been thriving for generations!
And this is the coolest thing ever... My parents gave me an early birthday present, a microwave flower-press! I have SO many mom knows me so well... : )

The Effingham is back in the water for another season of amazingness...


and for Father's Day I made my Dad some 'Specially Spiced Nuts'... to show my love... : )
They went over quite well, I should have taken more pictures! Here's the recipe...  I only used Cashews cos that's my Dad's fav.

I hope you all had a glorious weekend! We're almost ready for another one! See you tomorrow cos you know what Thursday means!  Time to inspire!

Thanks for reading,
Love Desiree

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