Thursday, June 7, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday

As are my inspirations for the week.  Have a happy Thursday everyone...

My roses...


Dried flowers for fall...

I love these headpieces... 

A wee story comes along with the photo below...  My dear friend and neighbor Jill from Jillery who did a guest post for me here was over the other night admiring the garden with me... If you've read her guest post you'll know about the special connection we share, but just in case you haven't yet, I'll fill you in...  My family used to live on another farm before we moved onto the 'family farm', it was a horse farm and that farm was also once the home to Jill!  That's how we met in high-school, I remember she invited me to the final party she was having to say goodbye to the farm and I remember feeling SO cool being there...  With her a couple years older than me we both spent some very formative years on the same soil and because of that we share this special connection. So anyway, back to my story...when she was looking at the garden she took special notice of these yellow flowers because they reminded her of the horse farm.  This type of flower flourished there after her and her mom planted them many years ago.  My flowers came from my mom's garden just last summer but when I  mentioned what Jill said to my mom she revealed that she actually took those yellow flowers from the horse farm and planted them on the family farm before we moved away! Isn't that cool?  These flowers have followed us both all the way from our childhood home to our Toronto neighborhood.  I just love that!

 and of course Pinterest always inspires...what a pretty and tasty idea!
 and very practical...



So cool for a kids party! Reminds me of Jumanji.. : )

How cute is this?

I've been trying to conquer the victory roll all morning!

Thanks for reading!

Love Desiree
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