Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Week In Review

Hello! I've been trying to write this post for days now but I always manage to lose motivation before I can finish it and then by the time I'm ready to look at it again it's dated!  So get ready for a whopper... A week in review if you will...

It all starts last Thursday when we went to our friends house George and Millie who we hadn't seen in a very long while. They made us an AMAZING meal complete with homemade mayonnaise and fresh local vegetables they had delivered to their door step.  It was a culinary masterpiece and I'm still thinking about it! Not only did they have the cutest little baby boy and a kick ass apartment, they had art lining the walls, all of which were done by the lady of the household Millie Knaff....She's an artist, mother, and wife and still manages to look stunning every-time I see her.  I think it's her Frenchness that does it,  I wish I could bottle that shit up!  Here are a few pics I took from the evening but I was much more immersed in my glass of red wine than I was with my camera so if you'd like to see more of Millie's stuff, check out

So I kicked off the weekend feeling inspired to create, to cook, to decorate, and to do it all while looking fabulous... : )  The weather was definitely conducive to indoor activities so I did major chores around the house like cleaning the fridge, organizing the spice cupboard, dusting my painfully large collection of knick knacks, and thrifting of course! (I got an old rosary, a serving platter, and some clip on earrings and took pictures of none of them) I cooked a meatloaf with vegetables roasted with handfuls of fresh herbs from the garden.  THEN I constructed a fabric corsage for my brother Asa's lovely girlfriend Aubrey... (who has a tumblr herself if you'd like to check it out) I'll post pics once he's given it to her.

The weekend was a complete success! Revitalized, motivated, and ready for a new week.  Then Monday morning arrived and the steam was already starting to run out... I managed to keep myself mildly inspired with a new blog I came across called Bright Young Twins that totally encapsulated a style I absolutely love and they had a book recommendation that truly spoke to me so I went out to procure it.  It's the best. thing. ever.  I'm filled with inspiration once again... I have visions of tea cups, of mini sandwiches, egg coddlers... I want to have a tea party tonight!

But then it happens... Tuesday afternoon 3pm...when you realise how far away from the weekend you are, that you have to exercise tonight, you forgot to take something out for dinner and suddenly the inspiration starts leaking from my pours making a puddle under this desk I've been sitting at since 9ish...

Desperately resisting the urge to start scrolling through celebrity gossip sites and eating cookies I begin writing this entry and soon I will begin my Inspire Me Thursday collection.  It's more than just some images from the internet my's my inspiration stash, my life coach...what will lift my spirits, give me the strength I need to make it to Friday replenishing my creativity just in time for the weekend.  Don't get me wrong, I don't hate my day job or anything, it's actually pretty good, I just lose interest quickly and I would just much prefer being from old money.

24 hours later - Okay, so I went to the gym after much debate.  The step out the front door is the hardest, but I feel soooo much better about life once I do and now it's already Wednesday!  Do you see how my perspective has changed?  The glass is now half full, it's sunny and James and I are having a date tonight!  Plus, we've been invited for dinner tomorrow and before you know it I'll be free once again to create at my hearts content all weekend!

We will make it there together my lovelies, I promise!

Stay tuned for tomorrow...for my weekly collection of Inspirations to hopefully put a spring in your step.  It's a good one. : )

Thank-you for reading! Seriously...THANK-YOU!

Love Desiree

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