Thursday, June 21, 2012

Strawberry Muffins!

This doesn't happen very often but the other night I was inspired to bake.  I wanted to make something with fresh local strawberries while they're in season so I headed off to the grocery store in search of my supplies.  Not surprisingly all No Frills had in the way of local strawberries were moldy fly covered ones so I ended up going to our local organic grocer for some really expensive, but very tasty strawberries.  Since it's been WAY too hot to exercise lately I wanted these muffins to be on the healthier side so i opted for whole wheat flour...

Baking has never been my strong's too precise...I need room for mistakes... but I managed pretty well with these until I couldn't locate the Vanilla I had JUST bought... I may have overreacted in this was 9:30pm, I wanted to bake and it seemed as though I had purchased my vanilla and then forgot it at the check out and No Frills at this point was closed. I was pissed!  So I dragged James with me to the corner store, well, to the end of the street where I changed my mind because even if they had it, it was going to be 10X as much as it should be and these muffins are becoming the most expensive muffins I've ever eaten! So we turned back... : ( The wind had been taken from my sails and I sat on the couch disappointed.  Then I googled another grocery stores hours and found they were open for another half hour!  Let's go James!  (Poor James) We got to the end of the street and I started to  change my mind again.  It was getting the time I get back it's going to be after 10 and maybe if I wait until tomorrow No Frills will replace my Vanilla for free?  We turned back...I sunk into my couch again and gave up on the muffins...  AND THEN... James found the Vanilla!  I had put it with my vitamins!  What's wrong with me?  Who knows...but I made the damn muffins! : )


They were pretty good!  Worth the effort? Ya I guess... ; )

Here's the recipe if you're interested...

and remember to buy local!

Thanks for reading...
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