Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane: My Wedding Day

It's my anniversary today!  Four years of wedded bliss.... and my, how those years have flown by!  I feel like it was just yesterday that we moved into our first apartment together and mere hours since we said 'I do'!  What a happy day that was and what a perfect opportunity to recount it for you...: ) I do love this story...

It began with a sunny morning on the farm.  The birds were chirping, the gardens looked wonderful, the tent was up, the lanterns strung. Everything was ready.  I had my hair done in town by the same hair dresser to ever cut my hair. Only in a small town! On my way home dark clouds started rolling in but I refused to acknowledge them. No way was it going to rain on my wedding day!  People had warned me about having an outdoor wedding but I knew what I wanted: a front porch wedding and a country hoe down to follow, so I chose the hottest driest weekend I could. Regardless, it was becoming apparent that a Plan B was necessary as the lighting began to strike and the thunder rolled. I sat on the front porch holding back tears as I watched my perfectly placed lanterns get strewn across the lawn and the perfectly poised tent get more water logged by the second.  My despair soon turned to anger, as it often does, and then back to despair.  The caterers arrived to start setting up and looked at me with a look of "I told you so" (because they had told me so), or maybe that was only in my head, I don't know, but either way the devastation was starting to set in.  I went inside to get dressed. I couldn't put it off any longer.  If we had to get married in the tent back-dropped by the food table, it's what we were going to have to do!  But I was convincing myself of this reality... my Maid of Honour came into the bathroom and excitedly told me that not only had the rain stopped but THE SUN WAS OUT!  "Shut. Up." I responded. But she insisted this was the truth.  I didn't want to get my hopes up so I remained inside and avoided my instinct to check the weather network for the 40th time that day.  Finally though, I couldn't wait any longer; I peeked outside holding my breath.  Guests arriving - and the sun was shining!  It was true!  It had cleared just in time!  The last drop fell less than 30 minutes from go time and the sun seemed to miraculously dry up any sign of rain within minutes!  Now I'm far from a religious person but I prayed that day. I'll admit it...I pleaded to deceased loved ones, all gods, and to mother nature herself!  Who knows what altered our weather that day, but I thanked whoever was responsible and happily put on my veil.

Through the window I saw James pull up with his parents in their vintage Austin Mini. It was covered in flowers... He looked so dapper and everyone looked so happy... I couldn't stop smiling... everyone I loved in the world was there and were all waiting to celebrate the great love of my life... How wonderful, how lucky I felt!  I didn't ask anyone to wear anything in particular but I couldn't have chosen their attire any better myself!  Well, maybe one outfit was questionable, I'll let you hazard a guess...: ) I wanted everyone involved to be as happy as I pressures, just pure joy!  James and I wanted to celebrate our love that day but we also wanted to celebrate the guests who loved us.... it was just as much about them as it was about us, because they had all played a role in our story, and continue to enrich our lives each day. I think we threw them a party they would not soon forget.

My dad looked so perfect as he walked me down the rocky aisle.  Colton serenaded us with an acoustic version of Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton as I walked...oh how my heart melts.... and as I met James' gaze the strength of my smile was hurting my cheeks.  We vowed to be together until death do us part and the crowd erupted into cheers as we sealed our marriage with a kiss....

Everyone joined in to take pictures for us, but my Uncle Terry took the majority and it felt so special to have him capturing the day since he was the photographer for my parents’ big day as well...

The rest of the festivities seemed to fly by so quickly I remember wishing it would slow down for a moment so I could enjoy it just a little longer.  We walked around the farm hand in hand and mingled with all of our guests.... it was very informal... We didn't have much structure which I think made it all the better.  We danced, we sang, my Dad and my brothers rocked out while we danced the night away and everyone seemed to be glowing with love (and mulberry wine, but mostly with love).

We bid everyone farewell as we drove off in our friends' pick up truck en route to the one and only motel in the area. Some guests stayed there as well and many camped out on the farm under the stars. The motel was not exactly a romantic destination... but the rose coloured glasses I was sporting that night could have turned any hole in the wall into a honey moon suite!

Thanks so much for letting me tell you this story - long winded as it was... It sounds cheesy, but it really was the happiest day of my life and I like to recount it!

Here are a few pics of the day....

Love Desiree

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