Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday

It's Thursday again my lovelies and this week what's inspiring me to the utmost is love and literature!  As July came to a close most of my time was spent celebrating love, family and friendship while devouring Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (a wonderful read)... so my heart has been lifted and my intellect strengthened!  I celebrated an anniversary, watched dear friends get married, welcomed home a very missed young lady from a land far away and watched the joys of parenthood and new found love take many of my friends by storm..

I also went to see Backbeat which is totally worth seeing.  The story between Stu and Astrid was heartbreaking...
 Aww...and here is one of the most stunning brides ever and some of the best wedding photography I've seen... Tracey her now!
Stunning!  Look at that figure! Such style...such grace... : )



 My new lamp...a street find by my father-in-law
 My newest vintage clip-ons!
 When I light this candle and sit down with this book I am transported to the 1800's.

 And another new lamp...courtesy of Jillery!
My bow tied lad...
and my new motto!

Thanks for reading...wishing you a safe and happy holiday weekend!
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