Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back Home On The Farm: Hilary's 60!

 Hello folks, just getting back to work after a much needed mini vacation filled with fun in the sun and lots of family and friends...I feel like a new woman!  If you have some time to kill, take a seat, get comfortable and I'll tell you aaaaallll about it... : )

It was James' mom's 60th birthday party and people came from far and wide to celebrate this lovely lady ... Lots of family came in from B.C that we hadn't seen since our wedding...and most of them were a surprise to Hilary which made the party all the more special!  I just love reunions... : )

Two guests of honour, Kit and Anh stayed with us for a couple days prior to the party which was a perfect excuse to take some time off work to explore this beautiful city of ours.... There were bikes, there were boats, there were was pretty epic. 


Before we knew it the alarm clock was screaming and we were getting ready to catch an 8:20am train down to the farm for Part 2... The PARTY!

The family dined on the eve of the big day and the next day got to work setting up the garden...

Peaches = Devil Cat

My party frock....

Signature Cocktail!

Hey there good lookin...

Sisterly love...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I seriously scored on the in-law front, and not just the immediate family, the extended one as well!  They are all just so generous, down to earth, fun...the list goes on and to watch them all come together to make Hilary's birthday an event to remember was just so effing special... ; )

This cake was an experience all by itself.
The party was underway...and you may be thinking it was pretty tame, but you'd be wrong.  These folks lived through the 60's...they know how to get down.


Look how happy she is... : )

 Night was apon us and the party was hopping so James thought this would be a perfect time to reveal his big without any warning  a fire cracker lit the sky and came close to stopping the hearts of many of our white haired guests! Fortunately once the initial shock had warn off, everyone was dazzled with his show... especially Hilary who loves fireworks... : )

He's a good boy... : )
But wait!  One more firecracker without warning just to keep them on their toes...and then the final birthday wish...

a flying lantern sent off into the night...

She said it was the best birthday ever and that's pretty good considering there's been 59 other ones to compete with!

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